Snowdon 2017

I recently dragged my better half up Snowdon at 30 weeks pregnant, despite thinking it would take us a good 7 hours (2+ more than the average) I was pleasantly surprised that we did it in 5 hours like most others. That might’ve had something to do with the thunder storm and 30mph winds that we experienced on the decent!

The incredible views from The Pyg Track spurred us on to reach the summit, and armed with litres of water and energy food we were well supplied. We had no idea that there was a cafe on the summit, to say it was a welcome facility would be an understatement. The hot chocolate and latte was exactly what you needed at the top to get ready for the climb back down. I never thought I’d crave such hot drinks but despite it being summer at the start of the climb it was close to 0 degrees at the top!

The Summit

With the storm following our decent there were a few hairy moments where I thought Lizzy might be blown off – her centre of gravity isn’t quite right at the moment! That being said I’m glad that we could climb Snowdon together for the first time – and I’m looking forward to showing our son how he was lugged up Snowdon in his mothers tummy, something he most likely won’t understand for a good few years…

Carb-Loading Dinner

We reached the finish after 5 hours of climbing and I honestly felt like I could’ve turned back around and done it all again, I think my partner glare instantly told me not to suggest such a ridiculous idea. Although she did look like hypothermia was about to set in, rather blue around the lips!! In all seriousness I cannot wait to return to North Wales and be at the top of Snowdon again as part of the 3 Peaks Challenge.

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